Terrorometer -Testing Terrorist Tendencies

Let Us Help PM  David Cameron, by taking a simple self test.

Do you think the UK government has taken the country to war based on lies?

  •  Yes   No   Don’t know   Don’t care

Do you believe human life overseas is as valuable as human life in Britain?

  •  Yes   No  Don’t know  don’t care

Do you believe the UK enslaved people, sold them and paid compensation to the slave owners and not the descendants of slaves?

  •  Yes   No  Don’t know  don’t care

Do you believepeople under occupation have the right to resist their occupiers?

  •  Yes  No  Don’t know  don’t care

Do you believe the UK got enriched by stealing wealth from its former colonies and the people it enslaved?

  •  Yes  No  Don’t know  don’t care

Do most if not all politicians lie?

  •  Yes  No  Don’t know   don’t care

If you answered ‘Yes’, to any question you are a potential terrorist.

3-5 ‘Yes’ please contact a member of the Prevent Team.

All other possible combinations and you are a  true Brit.

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