I was born when…

When I first came to England in 1967, and made some white friends, I found out their life was relatively easy. For example, they  knew when they were born. Many of my Asian friends didn’t have a clue about our real  birthdays, but we did have one up on the goray, the whites. Unlike them, we had really flash birthdays, like: 3.4.56 or 5.5.55 or 4.4.55 or like mine 11.11.56.

In case you are thinking, now we know. This is just my British date of birth (dob). I got it in 1967. I was told,  if I should ever forget it,  then I would be taken away, eaten by the cannibals  or some other calamity would befall me. I was offered a number of birthdays. I liked this one….COMING SOON


My new novel is out

You're Not Proper by Tariq Mehmood


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