Jeremy Corbyn: Why should he sing the national anthem?

When I saw some of the headlines of the British Press, about how Jeresun corbynmy Corbyn had refused to sing the British national  anthem at the commemoration of the ‘Battle Of Britain’, I started singing loudly. Not the national anthem as you might know it. I changed a word in the first line.

Let us examine some of the words of the British national anthem.

Verse 1. Line 1: God save our gracious Queen

All those who have been condemning Jeremy Corbyn for remaining silent, during the commemoration should first ask themselves some simple questions about the first line. Do you not have to believe in god to ask Him anything? If you happen to be one of those hundreds of millions who don’t believe in Him, and here Him is a white, with a beard, blue eyes, and scruffy hair, then the very first word is a hard pill to swallow, let alone the rest of the line.

Let us now assume you do believe in Him, with a beard, blue eyes and scruffy hair, but why should you have to ask Him to save someone who doesn’t know the meaning of work, other than smiling and waving hands, gets waited upon, sits in a palace build with money stolen from numerous countries and wears a crown made from jewels stolen from India?

metro corbyn

What is so gracious about a queen, who eats on a silver platter, who rubs shoulders with bankdits whilst millions of her subjects are fighting for survival, where basic infrastructure is falling to bits, where the lives of working families, those in work and those out of work, continue to deteriorate, and where the streets are full of the homeless.

Video: How the Queen Benefits From The Arms TradeVideo

What is so gracious about a queen, during whose reign, millions of people across the world, most recently in Iraq and Libya, have been bombed into the stone age by her Royal Air Force, her Royal Navy and the British Army? What is so glorious about this queen, or the one before, during whose combine reigns, in whose names, hundreds of millions of people across the world were colonized, enslaved and those who called for justice, were killed in their tens and millions.

Could it be that those who are attacking Jeremy Corbyn, interpreted the Labour Leader’s silence as : God Save our Gracious Queen from Corbyn.

Verse 2: Long live our noble Queen

Dear Liz, isn’t it true that many a national anthem, such as in South Asian countries, and much of Africa and else where around the world is born out of the struggle against your very rule, one your governments desperately tried to cling on to, and one you would happily have reigned over, smiling over the slaughtered and tortured. People sing of their independence, from you. So how can any of those, who have sense of justice and fair play, call you a noble queen.
mirror corbyn

Ya Queenie, I thought one of the meanings of noble was , self-sacrificing. What are you offering other than a false smile?

I can understand the sheep in Malvinas Islands singing your anthem with conviction as they wouldn’t be there without you, but not  someone who would rather you weren’t there?

Another verse that puzzles me

O Lord our God arise

Why does He have to arise, God is god, can’t he do what he does sitting down?

And in the following verses, He is being asked to:

Scatter her enemies 

And make them fall
Confound their politics

Who are these enemies? Perhaps the poor and the destitute of Britain. Those haggis eaters up North or the Irish or others like you and what you represent?

Frustrate their knavish tricks

Here is an interesting request for Him. Could you please tell me dear Queen, how many of the following meanings of the adjective Knavish reflect your present or previous governments: base; bent; bribable; crooked; debauched; double dealing; exploiting; extortionate; faithless; fast and loose; fixed; foul; fraudulent; gone to the dogs; inconstant; on the take; profiteering; nefarious; rotten; reprobate; shady; snide; tainted; two faced; underhanded; unethical; unprincipled; unscrupulous; untrustworthy;

On Thee our hopes we fix
God save us all

The last line, God save us all, is one I certainly agree with, with a small proviso, please add, from you.

If we were rid of you, then maybe the last stanza would have meaning in the world of today:

Not in this land alone
But be God’s mercies known
From shore to shore
Lord make the nations see
That men should brothers be
And form one family
The wide world over

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