Jeremy Corbyn’s Free Vote To Bomb

In this interview Jeremy Corbyn look’s like a man who feels bad about what he has done.

Had Jeremy Corbyn stood his ground he could not have been asked:

Question 1: Thousands of people voted for you precisely because of those kind of principles you hold. In actual fact you your shadow cabinet didn’t follow you, you followed them.

Not only could you have not been humiliated with a question like this, but what ever was asked about you,  the day after enforcing the whip – we will not bomb Syria –  you could have held your head up and replied, ‘let those who would wage war, leave the Labour party and go to the people and tell them, I left because the leader didn’t want to bomb Syria.’

You may have lost the shadow cabinet, but you would have had the shadow of the country and the world behind you.

Question 2. If you were the PM, would you allow your foreign secretary to take the opposite view to you publicly.

You would have said ‘if he did this on issues of war, he would no longer be the foreign secretary.’

The last two, like the first two questions, are typical BBC gutter journalism, but had you stuck to your principles, no dirt could have stuck to you.

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