Terror Surveillance Of Fiction

Have any of you had experiences similar to what I have described below?

I had a distressed call from my editor, who is working on my follow up novel to You’r Not Proper.  He said that as he was working his way through the new novel, he noticed that a section of the text had started to flash.  This happened after the attacks in Brussels. Prior to this incident the same  text was not flashing.

The new novel is about a 17 year old Jake English boy, who falls in love with Leila, an Afghan in their home town in northern England. At the same time Jake’s soldier brother goes missing in Afghanistan.  Before the war shatters the young love affair, Jake, an atheist, but whilst trying to get off with Leila, pretends to convert to Islam.


At first, I came only went once a week, but Leila was so proud of me that, I increased it to twice weekly. When she learnt about this, she gave me the longest hug she had ever done, and I started going as often as I could.

Leila was always impressed when I memorised a new Arabic phrase, and I started memorising as many as my little brain could handle.

I learnt about the Kalima Shahdaat; I learnt to say La ilaha illallahm muhammadur rasullah, which means, There is no god, but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God. I learnt about Christians and Jews being people of the book and I learnt about the importance of Jihad. I learnt all this and much more, and just couldn’t help it, but I just couldn’t really believe. But one day, after going for a few weeks, I met Leila, and told her I had made a big, big decision. After getting the biggest hug, I told her I was ready to revert. She did a little jiog on the spot, jumped up and down, clapped her hands and nearly kissed me, but instead said she would contact Abu Khalid for the ceremony.


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