Vote to Leave the EU.

Each time I have suggested leaving the I have had the following questions fired at me:

1. How can you live with yourself knowing you are on the side of UKIP and the right wing of the Tory Party?

By this logic one is better of with the likes of Cameroon or with the mass murderer Tony Blair, who are ardent supporters of staying in.

2. My 14 year old asked me, Why are you opposed to the EU?

It forced me to think What is the EU and Why was it formed. The EU is a capitalist trading organisation. Lenin believed, that ‘A United States of Europe under capitalism is tantamount to an agreement on the partition of colonies. Under capitalism, however, no other basis and no other principle of division are possible except force. 

The EU was formed by an alliance of old colonial powers, who following the end of WWII, in the main lost their colonies and could no longer have their writ rule the world. In relation to the Soviet Union and the USA, the European robber barons of yesterday, were forced to pool their resources to try to maintain some semblance of their former power and influences.

3. Why don’t we struggle to reform the EU?

‘The EU cannot be claimed, reclaimed, or reformed for the working class or for the peoples of Europe…The European parliament is an amending chamber, not a Parliament.’

Alex Gordon, former president of RMT, Counterfire.

To those who think if you stay in and you get a leader like Corbyn, you will be able to nationalise industries such as the railways, you can’t! You are not allowed to do this in the EU.

4. Britain should stay in the EU as it has been been a brake on inter-european war.

The first world war was not about likes or dislikes among Europeans. It was about the division of the world, and the second world war about the redivision of it. Britain has been at the forefront of numerous wars, and is responsible for the death and destruction of millions of people, especially right now across the Arab world. Staying in or out is immaterial to this postion.

‘There is and there can be no other way of testing the real might of a capitalist state than by war. War does not contradict the fundamentals of private property—on the contrary, it is a direct and inevitable outcome of those fundamentals. Under capitalism the smooth economic growth of individual enterprises or individual states is impossible. Under capitalism, there are no other means of restoring the periodically disturbed equilibrium than crises in industry and wars in politics.

5. Is Britain better off in the EU or Out?

The question is whether the peoples of the world are better of with a bigger organisations of thieves or one where it is broken up?

Vote to leave.


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