A Phoenician in America

So this tall blond haired woman walks into a bar in Atlanta, and sits down at a table opposite a brown haired young man. He looks up from the book he is reading and smiles at her. She ignores him and says to a waiter, ‘The usual, Sam.’

The brown haired man goes back to his reading, but flicks his eyebrows and smiles at her again when the waiter returns with her drink.

She ignores the brown haired man and runs her index finger up the tall smoked glass, and picks a cherry off from the top of a small decorative umbrella that is perched in the middle of a stick on the rims of the glass.

That is a colourful drink, what it is called?’ the man asks her.

She looks across at him, for a moment and pops the cherry into her mouth without replying.

The man goes back to reading and then looks up again and says to her, ‘I’m new in America, I don’t know anyone here.’

She nods her head and smiles.

I’m from Lebanon,’ he says.

The smile disappears and she asks, ‘You’re Muzlem, right?’

No, I am a Christian, actually,’ he replies. He leans over towards her and offers her his right hand saying, ‘My name is Rami, and I am a Phd student here.’

She  takes the umbrella off the top, takes a sip from her glass, and asks, ‘So  your country is near I-raq, right?’

No, not really, ’ he laughs nervously withdrawing his hand, ‘it is next to Syria,  but I am a Phoenictian.’ 

She looks puzzled and shakes her head.

He continues, ‘We trace ourselves back to Canaanites, even before 1200 B.C, and we created the alphabet, you know, and we helped to create modern day mathematics, Pythagoras, he  was from Tyre, and that’s in Lebanon, and as is the oldest continuous inhabited city on the planet, and…’

She stands up, glass in hand, looks down at him and says, ‘For a phonetician darling, you sure  as hell speak like  a fucking A-rab.’  


My new novel, Song Of Gulzaraina

A highly recommended novella by Dr. Steiner Shaeuinsland  The Maid, The Madam and The Minister


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