About Tariq Mehmood

Latest Novel: Song Of Gulzarina – A suicide bombing is being planned in Manchester. Behind it lie Saleem Khan’s vivid memories – some full of regret and yearning, others humorous and yet others overshadowed by the surreal brutality of the war on terrorr.gulzarina


Some reviews of Song Of Gulzarina:





Published 2015, novel: You’re Not Proper, two girls struggling in a town seething with Islamophobia.

On Writing and Identity – my article in the Guardian

Review Your’e Not Proper, Huffington Post

Review You’re Not Proper – Mid-East On-line

Decolonising the Imagination. Review and Interview – Fair Observer

On Race Interview – with Dunia Magazine

Previous novels:

Hand On the Sun, Penguin, London, 1983 – out of print

While There Is light, Comma, Manchester, 2003 – out of print

Review of While There Is Light

Courageous Ali and the Heartless King, Satchel, 2006.

Major film – Injustice – story of the families of those killed in British Police custody.

Review of Injustice film

Homepage of Injustice Film

Watch on vimeo


2 thoughts on “About Tariq Mehmood

  1. Dear Tariq Sb,

    I found your blog while searching for images of Hassan Nasir for a talk we are organising on his life and ideals here at Namal College, Mianwali.

    Exploring your blog, I ended up on the Huffington Post review of your recent book and found out that you speak Pothohari!

    The Namal Valley is pretty much the western-most part of the Potohar Plateau and I wondered, well, do you visit Pakistan from time to time? And if so, is there any possibility that you might speak at Namal?



    1. Hello Aman. Thank you for this message. I am in Dina, Jhelum at the moment, on a family visit. Will be leaving here on the 18th.please email me at: tariq@mehmood.info.

      What do you have in mind? I was involve in the development of the Pothohari language movement, or rather one part of it, but it does not have an organisational aspect at the moment.

      best wishes


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