Commemoration of Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Muin Bseiso 8th Oct, 2015, 6.30 AUB, Beirut

Ziad abdel fatteg 2015_09

This event will be in Arabic, with a summary in English.

Everyone Welcome

In 1958 a group of African and Asian writers who spoke a multitude of languages met in Tashkent and formed the Afro-Asian Writer’s Association.Ten years later they launched a journal that would go on to become Lotus.  This was attempt to by progressive writers  stand up to against racism, and imperialism. The journal was eventually produced from Cairo and then Beirut, where it was  under the editorship of Pakistan’s Faiz Ahmed Faiz – the Arab editor.  Following the Israeli invasion of 1982, Faiz just escaped with his life. He died in 1984. Ziad Abdel Fatteh, was the last editor of Lotus, which was produce from Tunis. He will speak on Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Muin Bseiso.


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